Liters of beer poured


WeissBeerger-logo-fullcolor  is a company specializing in the development and marketing of real-time solutions for monitoring beverage consumption on-trade and increasing sales for bars, breweries and beverage distributors..

It was founded in 2009 by Omer Agiv and Ori Fingerer, works in collaboration with breweries, distributors and bars in Israel and Germany as well as with SAP HANA, Tel Aviv University (TAU) and The Technion.

The company develops and markets several products exclusively for the alcohol market, including the WeissTap, WeissPour, and the beer keg monitoring system: Alcohol Analytics.

WeissBeerger is currently operating in Israel, Germany and Turkey, and will soon be deploying systems in Western Europe as well as USA.
Our main offices are located in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Our goal is to use the data and analysis provided by our systems to give you the information you need to take control of your business. We’re committed to providing insights to help you significantly decrease your beer waste, increase your overall revenues and be in touch with the end-consumer  —and presenting that information in an easy-to-understand way that will lead to smarter and better informed management decisions. By analyzing the data provided to us by Alcohol Analytics, we’re able to help businesses like yours make the most of every beer drop. We’re constantly looking for ways to provide you with insights and opportunities that will help you grow in efficiency.


We use sophisticated tools from the operations research field and statistic- based algorithms in order to process data and adapt it to the type of activity in any given bar or brewery. These tools have been developed within the company and with the assistance and advisory support of several leading university seniors.

WeissBeerger uses predictive analysis to analyze beverage consumption and produce an accurate forecast, on an hourly basis, for each tap in the bar. This tool is based on global parameters such as seasonality, events and other parameters which affect the nature of activity in the bar.

Our various optimization tools allow the bar to control the mix of sales & promotions available to them and choose the ones that will result in higher profit margins to the bar. These tools assist in preventing cannibalization between beer brands while taking market trends into account.

The supply chain management tool is based on the predictive analysis algorithm and aims to optimize the supply chain process between breweries and bars by maintaining appropriate inventory levels and dealing with issues such as automatic orders, distribution etc.


At WeissBeerger, we believe you should know the exactly how, when, where and by whom your draft beer is consumed. We strive to work with our customers in collaboration, constantly developing and adding new features to our systems in order to give you as much access as possible to information about your beer taps. For this reason, we have developed the innovative, user-friendly WeissBeerger App for both the bar and brewery level, providing you with the most transparent and useful insights on-trade.


Privacy is important to us, just as we know it is to you. We will never publish any data that identifies you in any way without your written permission to do so. None of the data we receive from systems installed in your business will ever be shared with anyone without your explicit authorization.

WeissBeerger takes cyber security to extreme levels: starting with our hardware that is fully encrypted and followed by our SSL channel and award-winning cloud services, privacy and security are Integrated within our platform.

We take extensive measures to protect information in our possession from unauthorized access, use, loss, ormodification, and insist that all of our contracted partners do the same.